Sentence Examples with the word vulnerable

They were maladroit enough to attack him on his least vulnerable side, summoning him before the privy council to answer to a charge of receiving bribes in the administration of justice.

Steel plates and shapes, when delivered from the rolls which form them to the cooling beds, are largely covered with scales, which, adhering only partially to the surface, offer the intervening cracks or joints as vulnerable points for rust.

If hunted, the elephant must be attacked on foot, and the sport is therefore dangerous, especially as the animal has but few parts vulnerable to a bullet.

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She pulled her knees to her chest, feeling small and vulnerable once more.

An Original was released at the transition of a Black or White God in the mortal world to ensure the immortals didn't try to take over during the vulnerable period when a new God learned his powers.

Two main considerations dominated the fortunes of Hanover during the period of the Napoleonic wars, the jealousy felt by Prussia at the increasing strength and prestige of the electorate, and its position as a vulnerable outpost of Great Britain.

She's so vulnerable and practically incapable of doing anything on her own about her problems.

Rhyn had quit on her in the hopes she.d be safe, only to leave her more vulnerable than ever.

She drew her legs up, feeling vulnerable and scared in the strange place.

It shouldn.t have taken almost losing him for her to realize how vulnerable he was.