Sentence Examples with the word vs

The activity of vs is never so perfectly realized as to merge implication in intuition.

And forgeve vs oure treaspases, even as we forgeve them whych treaspas vs.

And leade vs not into tentation.

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And forgeue vs oure dettes, as we forgeue oure detters.

The vulgar Latin of Spain has kept the pluperfect indicative, still in current use vs a secondary form of the conditional (cantdra, yendira, pariiira), and, what is more remarkable still, as not occurring anywhere elle, the future perfect (canidre, vendiire, pcriiire, formerly canliro, vendilro, partiro).

And leade vs not into temptation: but delyuer vs from euyll.

Lede vs nott in to temptacion, but delyvre vs from yvell.

Geue vs this daye oure dayly bred.

After Louis Vs sudden death, aged twenty, in 987, Adalbero and Gerbert, with the support of the reformed Cluniac clergy, at the Assembly of Senhis eliminated from the succession the rightful heir, Charles of Lorraine, who, without influence or wealth, had become a stranger in his own country, and elected Hugh Capet, who, though rich and powerful, was superior neither in intellect nor character.

The death of Francis I.s mother, Louise of Savoy (who had been partly instrumental in arranging the peace of Cambrai), the replacement of Montmorency by the bellicose Chabot, and the advent to power of a Burgundian, Granvella, as Charles Vs prime minister, put an end to this double-faced policy, which attacked the Calvinists of France while supporting the Lutherans of Germany; made advances to Clement VII.