Sentence Examples with the word volcano

Chief among them are the snowy peak of Lirima (19,128 ft.) over the ravine of Tarapaca, the volcano of Isluga overhanging Camilla, the Bolivian peak of Sajama, and Tocora (19,741 ft.) near the Bolivian frontier.

The Makakau and Selabung drain into Lake Ranau, which on the south side is dammed by the volcano Seminung.

The whole series was evidently deposited in shallow water on the summit of a submarine volcano standing in its present isolation, and round which the ocean floor has probably altered but a few hundred feet since the Eocene age.

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Patriotism, insight, courage, statesmanship, energy, - these great qualities were indisputably his; but unfortunately they were vitiated by obstinacy, suspicion and a sulky craftiness, beneath which simmered a very volcano of revengeful cruelty.

It is repeated in the blazing summit of the Kuh-i-taftan (the burning mountain of the Persian frontier)which is the highest active volcano in Asia (13,000 ft.), and probably the farthest inland.

There are neither sulphuric exhalations nor escapes of steam at present, and it would seem that this great volcano is permanently extinct.

Slope of the extinct volcano of Rocca Monfina, 27 m.

There are hot sulphurous springs near by on the flanks of the volcano Purace, especially at Coconuco, which are much frequented by Colombians.

From the foot of the volcano Purace, near the source of the Cauca and on one of its small tributaries, 5712 ft.

In the northern part of the country it spreads into several side valleys, from one of which rises the extinct volcano Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa (19,321 ft.).