Sentence Examples with the word voicing

Anne Hutchinson was, in fact, voicing a protest against the legalism of the Massachusetts Puritans, and was also striking at the authority of the clergy in an intensely theocratic community.

The way he touched her; the way he looked at her across the room - all those little things were his subtle way of saying he loved her without voicing the words.

But there was another reason she dared not leave her father, one she feared voicing even to the man before her.

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The Peterborough Chronicle, not content with voicing this sentiment, gives Eustace a bad character.

Tessa followed, voicing her objection in annoyed bleats.

The kid struggled weakly, voicing a faint cry.

One of the goats was voicing a terrified cry and with it mingled vicious snarls and anxious barking.