Sentence Examples with the word voiced

Laney voiced his same thought.

De Castilho (q.v.), whose most conspicuous followers were Joao de Lemos and the poets of the collection entitled 0 Trovador; Soares de Passos, a singer for the sad; the melodious Thomas Ribeiro, who drew his inspiration from Zorilla and voiced the opposition to a political union with Spain in the patriotic poem D.

But at last, some three points off the weather bow, Ahab descried the spout again, and instantly from the three mast-heads three shrieks went up as if the tongues of fire had voiced it.

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Hayne, from the same state, voiced this doctrine in the Senate, and Webster's reply was his most powerful exposition of the national conception of the Union.

The voiced sound to this is generally written z as in azure, but sometimes s as in pleasure.

In his earlier career he had voiced the aspirations of a section of the people at a time when it appeared to them that their national existence was threatened.

I'd voiced this concern to Betsy throughout the week and I knew she was of a like mind.

In the Phoenician alphabet Zain was the seventh letter, occupying the same position and having the same form approximately (i) as the early Greek Z, while in pronunciation it was a voiced s-sound; Samech () followed the 'symbol for n of and was the ordinary s-sound, though, as we have seen, e it is in different Greek states at the earliest period as well as E; after the symbol for p came Zade (v), which was a strong palatal s, though in name it corresponds to the Greek Nra; while lastly Shin (W) follows the symbol for r, and was an sh-sound.

In modern times attempts have been made to assign to it the consonantal value of U, but in English another symbol W is used for this, while V has received the value of the voiced form of F, which itself had originally a sound resembling the English W (see under F).

Though Montfort and the barons voiced the public discontent, the constitution which they thus imposed on the king had nothing popular about it.