Sentence Examples with the word voice

Later generations have learned by repeated experience that the eloquence of Hyde Park orators is not the voice of England; there were some even then-among those not immediately responsible for keeping orderwho urged the government to ti-ust the people;l but with the object-lesson of France before them it is not altogether surprising that ministers refused to believe ih the harmlessness of societies, which not only kept up a fraternal correspondence with the National Convention and the Jacobi.

The voice he'd dreaded hearing finally spoke.

I listened, as tight as a bow string as Howie narrated in a whispered voice as he was patrolling around the house.

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As he spoke the voice came so near to Zeb that he jumped back in alarm.

His presence was dignified, his voice capable of indefinite modulation, and his gestures animated and attractive.

Alex didn't answer and it went to his voice mail, so she left a message.

Hilden's gruff voice broke into her thoughts as he trotted out of the hold into the street.

Brady's voice was a hoarse whisper.

His voice faded again.

His teaching on the subject is not altogether unqualified; but, on the whole, with respect to exchanges of every kind, where economic motives alone enter, his voice is in favour of freedom.