Sentence Examples with the word viviparous

The vegetation of the forests, the abundant epiphytes, the treemosses, the filmy ferns and the viviparous character of many of the ferns, show clearly how abundant the rainfall is in the eastern forest region.

Very few Crustacea are viviparous in the sense that the eggs are retained within the body until hatching takes place (some Phyllopoda), but, on the other hand, the great majority carry the eggs in some way or other after their extrusion.

Not the least interesting features connected with this strange life-history are the facts that the young may be born by the oviparous or viviparous methods and either gamogenetically or agamogenetically, and may develop into winged forms or remain wingless, and that the males only appear in any number at the close of the season.

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A, Winged female; B, winged D, viviparous wingless female from in patches from old apple trees, where the insects live in the rough bark and form cankered growths both above and below ground.

One species Callistochiton viviparus is viviparous and its ova develop without a larval stage in the maternal oviduct.

These snakes are all very poisonous, mostly viviparous and found in all tropical and subtropical countries, with the exception of Madagascar and New Zealand.

Some species, such as Poa stricta, are known only in this viviparous condition; others, like our British species Festuca ovina, and Poa alpina, become viviparous under the special climatic. conditions.

Wotton divides the viviparous quadrupeds into the many-toed, double-hoofed and single-hoofed.

That the ichthyosaur was a viviparous animal.

In all the tailless batrachians (with the exception of a single known viviparous toad),the male clings to the female round the breast, at the arm-pits, or round the waist, and awaits, often for hours or days, the deposition of the ova, which are immediately fecundated by several seminal emissions.