Sentence Examples with the word visual

They consist of a varying number of ommatidia or visual elements, covered by a transparent region of the external cuticle forming the cornea.

In these works he attacked the existing theories of externality which to the unphilosophical mind is proved by visual evidence.

The good feelings about the book were engendered by visual input.

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The method is of very limited application, for in general the orbital velocity of a visual binary is far too small to be found in this way; one of its first applications has been made to a Centauri, with the result that the parallax found in the ordinary way is completely confirmed.

Ordinary indifferent cells of the epithelium containing pigment-granules, and (2) visual cells, slender sensory epithelial cells of the usual type, which may develop visual cones or rods at their free extremity.

In the visual spectrum there are four hydrogen lines and one helium line in which the actual shapes may be examined.

In the same way, the elementary conception of the sphere involves the idea of sphericity, which would be tested in a similar way, and is in fact so tested, at an early stage by tactual perception, and at a more advanced stage by mechanical methods; the next step being the circularity of the central section, as roughly tested (where the sphere is small) by visual perception, i.e.

The most rapid visual binary (leaving aside Capella for the moment) is Equulei, which completes a revolution in 5.7 years.

It will be seen, then, that the visual and photographic foci are now merged in one, and the image is practically as achromatic as that yielded by a reflector.

It is largely to this principle that the Cooke photo visual objective of three lenses (fig.