Sentence Examples with the word visibly

Having passed through the puddle core the leaking water sometimes rises to the surface of the ground, producing a visibly turbid spring.

The confines of the sun are visibly in a state of turmoil, for which a sufficient cause can be assigned in the relative readiness with which the outer portions part with heat to space, and so condensing produce a state of static instability, so that the outer surface of the sun in place of being fixed is continually circulating, portions at high temperatures rising rapidly from the depths to positions where they will part rapidly with their heat, and then, whether perceived or not, descending again.

Indeed, so rapid is the infilling by the torrents which sweep down detritus from the surrounding heights that even the existing lakes are visibly diminishing.

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He hesitated, visibly unsettled by what she knew were her spinning silver-blue eyes.

The two looked around, visibly unsettled by the damage Jenn had done.

She flushed and rose, visibly frustrated once more.

The demon lord bristled visibly for a split second, long enough to tell her she hit a nerve.

He sat in one of the chairs, visibly relaxing.

He flinched visibly as if she had slapped him, his fingers tightening on her arm.

The kaleidophone, intended to present visibly the movements of a sonorous body, consisted of a vibrating wire or rod carrying a silvered bead reflecting a point of light, the motions of which, by persistence of the successive images on the retina, were thus represented in curves of light.