Sentence Examples with the word virchow

At a very early period it was held by Virchow that the large cheesy masses found in tuberculosis of the lung are to be regarded as pneumonic infiltrations of the air-vesicles.

As a politician Virchow had an active career.

The work of Theodor Schwann (1810-1882), Johannes Muller (1809-1875), Rudolph Virchow and Karl Ludwig (1816-1895) in Germany, of R.

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RUDOLF VIRCHOW (1821-1902), German pathologist and politician, was born on the 13th of October 1821 at Schivelbein, in Pomerania, where his father was a small farmer and shopkeeper.

But in addition to bringing forward a fundamental and philosophical view of morbid processes, which probably contributed more than any other single cause to vindicate for pathology the place which he claimed for it among the biological sciences, Virchow made many important contributions to histology and morbid anatomy and to the study of particular diseases.

See Lives by Becher (Berlin, 1894) and Pagel (Leipzig, 1906); Rudolf Virchow als Patholog by Marchand (Munich, 1902); Rudolf Virchow als Arzt by Ebstein (Stuttgart, 1903); Geddchtnisrede auf R.

Another science which Virchow cultivated with conspicuous success was anthropology, which he did much to put on a sound critical basis.

Bastian also edited the Zeitschrift fiir Ethnologic from 1869, in conjunction with Virchow and Robert von Hartmann.

Thiswasfollowedbythemeasures to which the name Kulturkampf really applied(an expression used first by Virchow to imply that it was a struggle of principle between the teaching of the Church and that of modern society).

As the leaders in these meetings were men like Virchow and Bluntschli, who had been lifelong opponents of Catholicism in every form, the result was disastrous to the Liberal party among the Catholics, for a Liberal Catholic would appear as the ally of the bitterest enemies of the Church; whatever possibility of success the Old Catholic movement might have had was destroyed by the fact that it was supported by those who avowedly wished to destroy the influence of Catholicism.