Sentence Examples with the word viii

See Causes celebres, tome iv.; Raoul Allier, Voltaire et Calas, une erreur judiciaire au X VIII e siecle (Paris, 1898); and biographies of Voltaire.

See Policarpo Mingote y Tarrazona, Varones ilustres de la provincia de Leon (Leon, 1880), pp. 185-215; Bernard Gaudeau, Les Precheurs burlesques en Espagne au X VIII e siecle (Paris, 1891); V.

Philipp, Linguet, ein Nationaliikonom des X VIII Jahrhunderts in seinen rechtlichen, socialen and volkswirtschaftlichen Anschauungen (Zurich, 1896); A.

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He had by this time established his reputation as a publicist, and, when the consular government was established in the year VIII (1799), he was selected as one of the hundred members of the tribunate, and resigned, in consequence, the direction of the Decade.

In this capacity he made a sensation by his L'Etat de la France a la fin de l'an VIII (1800), which he had been commissioned by Bonaparte to draw up, as a manifesto to foreign nations, after the coup d'Nat of the 18th Brumaire.

Edward VIII was the only British monarch who voluntarily abdicated the throne.

The performance was the occasion of a split among the actors of the Comedie Frangaise, and the new theatre in the Palais Royal, established by the dissidents, was inaugurated with Henri VIII (1791), generally recognized as Chenier's masterpiece; Jean Calas, ou l'ecole des juges followed in the same year.

In Early English Lyrics (Oxford, 1907) we have a poem in which a lover sends to his mistress a love-greeting composed in three languages, and his learned friend replies in the same style (De amico ad amicam, Responcio, viii and ix).

In the course of this work, Dupuy became acquainted with and copied an enormous mass of unpublished documents, which furnished him with the material for some excellent works: Traite des droits et des libertes de l'eglise gallicane, avec les preuves (1639), Histoire del' ordre militaire des Templiers (1654), Histoire generale du schisme qui a ete dans l'eglise depuis 1378 jusqu'd 1428 (1654), and Histoire du differend entre le Pape Boniface VIII et le roi Philippe le Bel (1655).

For details of his life see Napoleon Peyrat's Histoire des pasteurs du desert (1842; English translation, 1852); Edmond Hugues, Antoine Court, histoire de la restauration du protestantisme en France au X VIII e siecle (2nd ed., 1872), Les Synodes du desert (3 vols., 1885-1886), Memoires d'Antoine Court (1885); E.