Sentence Examples with the word viennese

And, in fact, Bilibin's witticisms were hawked about in the Viennese drawing rooms and often had an influence on matters considered important.

Continuing his work on a bolder scale, the Viennese priest Gunther undertook to show that the articles of the Christian creed are only a roughand-ready popular statement of the conclusions of philosophy.

During the tenure of his appointment with Count Morzin he married the daughter of a Viennese hairdresser named Keller, who had befriended him in his days of poverty, but the marriage turned out ill and he was shortly afterwards separated from his wife, though he continued to support her until her death in 1 Boo.

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As a general rule, the Viennese are gay, pleasure-loving and genial.

The despatch of a large force of militia to the assistance of the Viennese was, in fact, the first act of open rebellion of the Hungarians.

A third was playing a Viennese waltz on the clavichord, while a fourth, lying on the clavichord, sang the tune.

The Viennese are successful in dyeing marmot well, and their cleverness in colouring it with a series of stripes to represent the natural markings of sable which has been done after the garments have been made, so as to obtain symmetry of lines, has secured for them a large trade among the dealers of cheap furs in England and the continent.

The re-invention of the Dutch binocular telescope apparently dates from 1823, and is to be assigned to the Viennese optician, Johann Friedrich Voigtlander (1779-1859); but the credit of having placed these instruments on the market probably belongs to J.

The Viennese women are justly celebrated for their beauty and elegance; and dressing as a fine art is cultivated here with almost as great success as in Paris.

The imperial government, which still hoped for Magyar aid against the Viennese revolutionists, repudiated the action of the ban, accused him of disobedience and treason, and deprived him of his military rank.