Sentence Examples with the word viejo

The famous code known as the Ordenamiento Real de Alcald, or Fuero Viejo de Castilla, dates from a still later period.

On his return to Spain, Moratin was tonsured and presented to a sinecure benefice in the diocese of Burgos, and in 1786 his first play, ET Viejo y la nina, was produced at the Teatro del Principe.

Of state railways, running from Corinto to Leon, Managua, Granada and Diriamba, with branches to El Viejo and Momotombo.

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Between these two extremes the chief cones, proceeding southwards, are: the Maribios chain, comprising El Viejo (5840 ft.), Santa Clara, Telica, Orota, Las Pilas,'Axosco, Momotombo (4127 ft.), all crowded close together between the Bay of Fonesca and Lake Managua; Masaya or Popocatepac (which was active in 1670, 1782, 1857 and 5902, and attains a height of 2972 ft.), and Mombacho (4593 ft.), near Granada; lastly, in Lake Nicaragua the two islands of Zapatera and Ometepe or Omotepec with its twin peaks Ometepe (5 6 43 ft.) and Madera.

The name Barotac is from the Spanish word baro, which means mud, as well as the last syllables of tac and lutac. With nuevo, translated as new, added to the name, it distinguished it from another town called Barotac Viejo just a few town to the north.