Sentence Examples with the word vieira

As a man, Vieira would have made a nobler figure if he had not been so great an egotist and so clever a courtier, and the readiness with which he sustained directly opposite opinions at short intervals with equal warmth argues a certain lack of sincerity.

The ill-fated Vieira de Castro excited the greatest admiration by his impassioned speeches in the Chamber of Deputies during the 'sixties; the nearest modern counterpart to these distinguished men is the orator Antonio Candido Ribeiro da Costa.

Ultimately Vieira returned to Portugal with a papal bull exempting him from the jurisdiction of the grand inquisitor, and in January 1681 he embarked for Brazil.

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In 1647 Vieira began his career as a diplomat, in the course of which he visited England, France, Holland and Italy.

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On the throne of Portugal, Brazil gave him its allegiance, and Vieira was chosen to accompany the viceroy's son to Lisbon to congratulate the new king.