Sentence Examples with the word vicuna

Historical literature has been enriched by the works of Diego Barros Arana, Benjamin Vicuna Mackenna, Miguel Luis Amunategui, Carlos Walker Martinez, and others.

On the arid plateaus of the north-west, the guanaco and vicuna are still to be found, though less frequently, together with a smaller species of viscacha (Lagidium cuvieri).

In June 1891 he ordered the presidential election to be held, and Senor Claudio Vicuna was duly declared chosen as president of the republic for the term commencing in September 1891.

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The vicuna also is celebrated for its wool, which the natives weave into beautiful and costly ponchos (blanket cloaks) and other wearing apparel.

A small number of very pretty guanaco and vicuna carriage rugs are imported into Europe, and many come through travellers and private sources, but generally they are so badly dressed that they are quite brittle upon the leather side.

The ruminants are represented by a few species only - the guanaco (Auchenia huanaco), vicuna (A.