Sentence Examples with the word victoria nyanza

Into Victoria Nyanza are emptied, on the east, the waters of the Mori and many smaller streams; on the west, the Kagera, besides smaller rivers.

Of these the Masai and Wakuafi are found in the region between Victoria Nyanza and Kilimanjaro.

The railway from Mombasa to Victoria Nyanza skirts the eastern side of the lake, and on the railway close to the lake is built the town of Naivasha, 6230 ft.

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On the 10th of April 1891, Menelek communicated to the powers his views with regard to the Italian frontier, and announced his intention of re-establishing the ancient boundaries of Ethiopia as far as Khartum to the north-west and Victoria Nyanza to the south.

In connexion with the railway from Mombasa to Victoria Nyanza a steamship service is maintained on the lake between Port Florence, Entebbe and other ports, including those in German territory.

Whilst curate in charge at Hurstpierpoint, his thoughts were turned by the murder of two missionaries on the shores of Victoria Nyanza to mission work.

Having made the first survey of Victoria Nyanza and confirmed Speke's guesses as to its shape and area, Stanley passed on (half discovering Ruwenzori on the way) to the Congo.

The Eastern province is abundantly watered near Victoria Nyanza and around Mt Elgon and the noble Debasien mountain (about 50 in.