Sentence Examples with the word viceregal

A list of Peruvian authors in viceregal times occupies a long chapter in the life of St Toribio 1 by Montalvo; and the bibliographical labours of the Peruvian Leon Pinelo are still invaluable to Spanish students.

This was attributable to the lingering yet potent influence of an unhappy past was held by some; while others attributed the weakness to the viceregal office and the effects of a sham court.

Much of this work of reorganization was carried on at the castle of Montebello, or Mombello, near Milan, where he lived in almost viceregal pomp (May - July, 1 797).

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Feudalism was abolished in 1836, and in 1848 complete political union with Piedmont was granted, the viceregal government being suppressed, and the island being divided into three divisions of which Cagliari, Sassari and Nuoro were the capitals.