Sentence Examples with the word vial

Suspecting some of them remained, he gave no indication he.d found the vial as he carefully lifted Sasha.s body and laid it on the sarcophagus.

The vial sat on the counter next to his notebook, and she watched him pick up a syringe.

He tossed a vial whose contents were the color of blood.

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The vial was in his pocket, and he strode into the Sanctuary, eyes roving for Erik or Ully.

I don.t know how far the Dark One will go to get Sasha or his vial of blood back, but I imagine our time is short.

Here, some light vial the living room picture window provided a faint outline of fixtures and furniture.

Gabriel held out a vial he'd last seen in the hand of a furious Death.

He.d have to deliver the vial to Darkyn first.

With the castle flooded by demons, she didn.t know where she could take the vial to keep it from Sasha when he woke.

The earliest form of Leyden jar consisted of a glass vial or thin Florence flask, partly full of water, having a metallic nail inserted through the cork which touched the water.