Sentence Examples with the word veterinarian

She encouraged him as a veterinarian or anything else he wanted to do.

If he hadn't been so sophisticated, it might have been a thought to ponder - but at that point any idea of him quitting his job as a top salesman and moving to Arkansas to become a veterinarian would have been ludicrous.

Being a veterinarian is my lifelong dream.

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His dream of being a veterinarian had been put on hold while he raised his sister - and the money to go back to college.

It seems like you've become the resident veterinarian and the vacation is over.

Says the veterinarian who envisioned steak lines on the buffalo.

Being a veterinarian gives you connections other people might not have.

He was in need of a veterinarian if he was going to live, and the closest one was nearly twenty miles away.

Alex was competitive by nature, but being a veterinarian had always been his dream.