Sentence Examples with the word vested

Power is vested in a federal parliament, consisting of the sovereign, a senate, and a house of representatives, the sovereign being represented by a governor-general.

The development of the last decade of the 19th century had clearly shown that the educated bourgeoisie, the tiers Nat, in whose hands the supreme power had since 1848 become vested throughout Europe, was either entirely lost to the Church or, at all events, indifferent to what were called Ultramontane tendencies.

In 1902 the property vested in various school committees was transferred to government and control of the schools vested in a department of state.

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And his son in 1471, so complete was the extinction of their line that its representation vested in the heirs of the two daughters of John of Gaunt by the heiress of Lancaster, viz.

In general it is laid down (cap. i.) that the priest, in benedictions outside the Mass, shall be vested in surplice and stole, and shall give the blessing standing and bare-headed.

An urban council may also provide public clocks or pay for the reasonable cost of repairing and maintaining any public clocks in the district, though not vested in them.

The minister has the advice of a colonial council, while the power of legislating for the colony is vested in parliament.

Moreover, Norway has a vested interest in helping to reduce the extensive environmental problems affecting the geographically adjacent area of Northwest Russia.

In the established Church of England the appointment of bishops is vested effectively in the crown, though the old form of election by the cathedral chapter is retained.

This was a war-signal for Archbishop Adalbero and his adviser Gerbert, devoted to the idea of the Roman empire, and determined that it should still be vested in the race of Otto, which had always been beneficent to the Church.