Sentence Examples with the word vest

His leather vest revealed arms and chest completely covered in colorful, vivid tattoos, his whole visage daring anyone to challenge him.

He removed the bulletproof vest and the body armor on his arms and legs to help free his movement.

He wanted to warn the young man to wear a bulletproof vest and keep his hands in his lap for protection.

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She stripped out of her vest and hid her bag under the sink.

He handed Dusty the knife and pulled off the high-collared vest to expose his throat.

He pulled his jacket and vest off and carefully laid them over the back of a chair.

He was a small and dark, but rather delicate looking man for a sea-captain, with large whiskers and moustache, however; and wore a red cotton velvet vest with watch-seals at his side.

Next he removed the vest and placed it neatly beside the jacket.

Jenn wore nothing more than a vest to keep her core warm, preferring for her arms to be unencumbered.

The aim of the constituent assembly in its departmental system (1789-1790) had been to vest local affairs ultimately in councils elected by universal suffrage, alike in the department and in the three smaller areas within it.