Sentence Examples with the word vernal equinox

The vernal equinox is the initial point from which the right ascensions and the longitudes of the heavenly bodies are measured (see Astronomy: Spherical).

The vernal equinox is taken as the initial point on the sphere from which co-ordinates are measured in the equatorial and ecliptic systems. Referring to fig.

Near the vernal equinox the case is reversed, the interval between two risings of the nearly full moon being at its maximum, and between two settings at its minimum.

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By This Regulation The Vernal Equinox Which Then Happened On The 11Th Of March Was Restored To The 21St.

In Order To Restore The Vernal Equinox To The 25Th Of March, The Place It Occupied In The Time Of Numa, He Ordered Two Extraordinary Months To Be Inserted Between November And December In The Current Year, The First To Consist Of Thirty Three, And The Second Of Thirty Four Days.

The Vikram era is reckoned from the vernal equinox of the year 57 B.C., but there is no evidence that that date corresponds with any event in the life of an actual king.