Sentence Examples with the word verdun

By the treaty of Verdun in 843 Saxony fell to Louis the German, but he paid little attention to the northern part of his kingdom which was harassed by the Normans and the Sla y s.

The partition of Verdun separated once more, and definitively, the lands of the eastern and western Franks.

There is a statue to Commandant Beaurepaire, who, in 1792, killed himself rather than surrender Verdun to the Prussians.

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As follows; On the Meuse, which forms the principal natural barrier on the side of Lorraine Verdun (q.v.) was fortified as a large entrenched camp, and along the river above this were constructed a series of forts darrft (see MEUSE LINE) ending in another entrenched camp at Toul, (qv.).

At the division of the empire of Charlemagne between the three sons of Louis the Debonnaire, effected by the pact of Verdun in 843, the forest had become a district and is called therein pagus Arduensis.

An amicable division of the imperial succession was arranged, and after an assessment of the empire which took almost a year, an agreement was signed at Verdun in August 843.

Important as is the treaty of Verdun in German history, that of Mersen, by which Louis and Charles the Bald settled in 870 their dispute over the kingdom of Lothair, second son Louis the of the emperor Lothair I., is still more important.

Calmette, La Diplomatie carolingienne du traite de Verdun a la mort de Charles le Chauve (Paris, 1901), and F.

However, asthe boundary between the possessions of Charles the Bald and those of Louis was not strictly defined, and as Lothairs kingdom, having no national basis, soon disintegrated into the kingdoms of Italy, Burgundy and Arles, in Lotharingia, this great undefined territory was to serve as a tilting-ground for France and Germany on the very morrow of the treaty of Verdun and for ten centuries after.

In the triple partition of the Carolingian empire at Verdun in 843, the central portion was assigned to the emperor Lothaire, separating the kingdoms of East Francia (the later The duchy Germany) from West Francia (the later France).