Sentence Examples with the word verbally

He waited for the Guardian to arrive, entertained by the idea that Jessi denied him verbally while yielding to him physically.

Army orders were issued at 5 a.m., but still the urgency of the situation was so little understood that had they been verbally adhered to the force of the II.

He didn't respond verbally but his hands caressed her back - as though that would solve anything.

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For his prefaces and marginal notes he used Luther's Bible freely, even to paraphrasing or verbally translating long passages from it.

The Latin Renaissance in Italy aimed at recovering and verbally imitating the ancient literature; the Greek Renaissance in Germany sought inspiration from the creative originality of Greek literature with a view to producing an original literature in the German language.

But if these suspicions were really his, he sagaciously refrained from verbally expressing them, however his actions might seem to hint them.

The Confessio Bohemica was presented to Maximilian, who verbally expressed his approval, but would not consent to this being made public, and also refused his consent to the inclusion of the Confessio among the charters of the kingdom.

Already in 1087 and 1088 he had appealed to Baldwin of Flanders, verbally and by letter,' for troops; and Baldwin had answered the appeal.

Unsure whether to move away from him or verbally fend him off, she did neither.

This has generally been regarded as Plato's own work; but the certainty of this conclusion will be doubted by those who observe (I) the elaborate preparations made in the dialogue for a recital of the EpwrcKOS which shall be verbally exact, and (2) the closeness of the criticism made upon it.