Sentence Examples with the word verandah

This was the 3rd of December 1894; he was gaily talking on the verandah of his house at Vailima when he had a stroke of apoplexy, from which he never recovered consciousness, and passed away painlessly in the course of the evening.

A hushed silence fell over the verandah and the strains of an old song filtered soft music through the air.

The interior is dotted with infrequent villages inhabited by Dusuns or by Muruts, a village ordinarily consisting of a single long hut divided up into cubicles, one for the use of each family, opening out on to a common verandah along which the skulls captured by the tribe are festooned.

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Her heart pounding, she took his hand and led him off the verandah into the garden where they could speak privately.

Megan stepped off the verandah onto a walkway that led through the garden.

The houses of the Bhutias are of three and four storeys; all the floors are neatly boarded with deal; and on two sides of the house is a verandah ornamented with carved work generally painted.

He frowned as he led her across the verandah in a graceful waltz.

He strode through the vacant hallways to the verandah doors.

The house consists principally of one large room opening on the front verandah and containing the altar of the family's ancestors, a table in the centre and couches placed against the wall.