Sentence Examples with the word venezuelan

The right of suffrage is exercised by Venezuelan males over 21 years of age, and all electors are eligible to public office except where the constitution declares otherwise.

JOSE ANTONIO PAEZ (1790-1873), Venezuelan president, was born of Indian parents near Acarigua in the province of Barinas on the 13th of June 1790.

Other species occur in Cuba, Jamaica and the Bahamas, while a Venezuelan species, Procapromys geayi, represents a separate genus.

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Coro is celebrated in Venezuelan history as the scene of Miranda's first attempt to free his country from Spanish rule.

A small part bordering the Venezuelan sierras is elevated and mountainous, but the greater part forms an immense alluvial plain, densely wooded, traversed by innumerable rivers, and subjected to extensive annual inundations.

There are two grades of Venezuelan cacau - the criollo or native, and the trinitario, or Trinidad, the first being superior in quality.

No effort is made to improve the Venezuelan product, a part of which is exported to Cuba for cigar making.

Further educational facilities are provided by a national library with about 50,000 volumes, a national museum, with a valuable historical collection, the Cajigal Observatory, devoted to astronomical and meteorological work, and the Venezuelan Academy and National Academy of History - the first devoted to the national language and literature, and the second to its history.

Lying south and east of the main stream is a vast, densely forested region called Venezuelan Guiana, diversified by ranges of low mountains, irregular broken ridges and granitic masses, which define the courses of many unexplored tributaries of the Orinoco.

The power of granting citizenship to foreigners is vested in the president of the republic, who is also empowered to refuse admission to the country to undesirable foreigners, or to expel those who have violated the special law (April 11, 1903) relating to their conduct in Venezuelan territory.