Sentence Examples with the word vendee

In the Angevin Vendee the incapable leaders let themselves be beaten at Aubiers, Beauprau and Thouars, at a time when Cathelineau was taking possession of Saumur and threatening Nantes, the capture of which would have permitted the insurgents in La Vende to join those of Brittany and receive provisions from England; Meanwhile, the remnants of the Girondin federalists were overcome by the disguised royalists, who had aroused the whole of the Rhne valley from Lyons to Marseilles, had called in the Sardinians, and handed over the fleet and the arsenal at Toulon to the English, whilst Paoli left Corsica at their disposal.

The Convention also sent representatives on mission into Vendee to effect the purging of the municipalities, the reorganization of the national guards in the republican towns, and the active prosecution of the revolutionary propaganda.

This suggested a regular procedure, according to which the father sold his son thrice into mancipium, while after each sale the fictitious vendee enfranchized the son, by manumissio vindicta, i.e.

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On the 31st of July, therefore, at Barere's suggestion, it was decreed that the woods of the Vendee should be burnt, the harvest carried off to safe places in rear of the army, the cattle seized, the women and children concentrated in camps in the interior, and that every male from the age of sixteen in the neighbouring regions should be called upon to take arms. Further, on the 1st of August, the troops that had formed the garrison of Mainz, which were unavailable against foreign enemies by the terms of their capitulation to the Austrians, were ordered to Vendee.

There are numerous articles on the Vendean insurrection of 1793 in the Revue du Bas-Poitou, Revue historique de l'Anjou, Revue de Bretagne, de Vendee et d'Anjou, Revue historique de l'Ouest, Revue historique et archeologique du Maine, and La Vendee historique.

At the end of August 1793, the republicans had three armies in the Vendee - the army of Rochelle, the army of Brest and the Mayengais; but their generals were either ciphers, like C. P. H.

He rendered further good service in Vendee and in Italy, and was made a marshal by Napoleon on the assumption by the latter of the imperial title in 180 4.1111807 Brune held a command in North Germany, but he was not afterwards employed during the First Empire.

Cretineau-Jol, Guerres de Vendee (1834).

In the spring of 1795 he received an order from Paris to proceed to la Vendee in command of an infantry brigade.