Sentence Examples with the word veld

West and north of the Drakensberg the general level of the low veld is not much below that of the lowest altitudes of the middle veld, though the climatic 1 By the Boers the western and less elevated part of the plateau is known as the middle veld.

Escarpment of the high veld and the watershed between the Vaal and Limpopo.

The middle veld is marked by long low stony ridges, known as rands, and these rands and the kopjes are often covered with scrub, while mimosa trees are found in the river valleys.

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Across the veld from Hutchinson on the western main line via Victoria West to Carnarvon (86 m.).

Africa; Angola; Bokke veld Series in S.

Among the high veld farmers the breeding of merino sheep is very popular.

Few of the low veld bushes are large or straight enough to furnish any useful wood, and timber trees are wholly absent from the level country.

The middle veld is suitable for grain crops as well as bananas, sugar, coffee, tea and other semi-tropical produce.

The banken veld district is also generally healthy though hotter than the plateaus, and malarial fever prevails in the lower valleys.

A conspicuous veld plant is the orange and crimson leonotis, growing 6 ft.