Sentence Examples with the word velazquez

Painting grew from a homely stock, until the work of Velazquez showed that Spanish masters in this branch were fully abreast of their Italian compeers and contemporaries.

In the 16th and 17th centuries, painting replaced architecture as the distinctive art of Andalusia; and many of the foremost Spanish painters, including Velazquez and Murillo, were natives of this province.

In the cathedral, which is in better taste than the cathedral of Havana, Diego Velazquez (c. 1460-1524), conqueror of Cuba, was buried.

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In 1511 Diego Velazquez began the conquest of the island.

Cuba was occupied by Diego de Velazquez in 1511.

Baracoa is the oldest town in Cuba, having been settled by Diego Velazquez in 1512.