Sentence Examples with the word vase

He is attended by a minister with a vase of holy water, an aspergillum and a copy of the Rituale or missal.

It is nothing to a Japanese that a vase should be covered with profuse decoration of flowers and foliage: he requires that every blossom and every leaf shall be instinct with vitality, and the comparative costliness of fine workmanship does not influence his choice.

In Greek art Leto usually appears carrying her children in her arms, pursued by the dragon sent by the jealous Hera, which is slain by the infant Apollo; in vase paintings especially she is often represented with Apollo and Artemis.

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The syllabary upon the Galassi vase indicates in all probability that the vase, which resembles an ink-bottle, belonged to a child, for whose edification the syllables pa, pi, pe, pu and the rest were intended.

On a painted vase the scene of the intercession of Heracles is represented (Heydermann, ZI ber eine nacheuripideische Antigone, 1868).

The value of the cotyle from the Naxian slab is 15.4 (best, others 14.6-19.6); from a vase about 16.6; from the Panidum slab 17.1 (var.

He Himself spoke mysteriously of His burial, when a woman poured a vase of costly ointment upon His head.

The most wonderful object of all was a great two-handled vase standing 3 ft.

The Turks now believe that a vase of this earth destroys the effect of any poison drunk from it - a belief which the ancients attached rather to the earth from Cape Kolias in Attica.

A graphic representation of the workshop of a Greek sculptor in bronze is given on a fictile vase in the Berlin Museum (see Gerhard's Trinkschalen, plates xii., xiii.).