Sentence Examples with the word vary

The pictures that we have of Culdee life in the 12th century vary considerably.

Certain letters, however, vary in pronunciation, and are distinguished by diacritical marks, a device orginated by J ohn Huss.

The vertical distance above the line ab of any point in the dotted line dc is proportional to the vertical component of the compressive stress on the line ale assumed to vary uniformly from face to face, and similarly the vertical distance of any point in the3-dot-and-dash line ae above the line ab is proportional to the vertical component of the stress determined experimentally.

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Canes vary very much in respect of the quality and also as to the quantity of the juice they contain.

Wislicenus, van't Hoff and others showed that substances having the same graphic formulae vary in properties and reactions, and consequently the formulae need modification in order to exhibit these differences.

The earnings per train-mile vary greatly; but for all the lines the average is 7s.

Rapidity of growth and longevity vary greatly according to circumstances and to the species.

It can, however, be shown that the obliquity cannot vary more than two or three degrees within a million of years of our epoch.

The point of origin of the flagellum in Trypanosoma is usually near the anterior end, but may vary considerably (cf.

That the amplitude of the secondary wave should vary as r1 was to be expected from considerations respecting energy; but the occurrence of the factor A1, and the acceleration of phase, have sometimes been regarded as mysterious.