Sentence Examples with the word variant

Tacitus himself records a variant form of the genealogy (see above), according to which Mannus had a larger number of sons, who were regarded as the ancestors of the Suebi, Vandilii, Marsi and others (see Suebi, Vandals).

Though the form of the biretta, devised in the 17th century, is peculiar to the Roman Church, it is but a variant of the original biretum, which developed in various countries into head-coverings of different shapes and significance.

Glas, perhaps derived from an old Teutonic root gla-, a variant of glo-, having the general sense of shining, cf.

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Probably the passage was originally independent of the document which told of Cain and Abel and of the Flood; Jabal may be a variant of Abel.

But it is now generally held that these two genealogies are variant adaptations of the Babylonian list of primitive kings (see Enoch).

Zaire is a Portuguese variant of a Bantu word (nzari) meaning river.

Fortunately, in the case of a large number of names occurring on business documents as the interested parties or as scribes or as witnesses - and it is through these documents that we obtain the majority of the Babylonian-Assyrian proper names - we have variant readings, the same name being written phonetically in whole or part in one instance and ideographically in another.

Robert Recorde in his Whetstone of Witte (1557) uses the variant algeber, while John Dee (1527-1608) affirms that algiebar, and not algebra, is the correct form, and appeals to the authority of the Arabian Avicenna.

Among the Canaanite branch, the king-god is more prominent, and apart from the Ammonite variant Milcom, numerous names compounded with Milkare found on Phoenician inscriptions and among western Semites mentioned in cuneiform literature (H.

Reptiles - snakes, lizards and chameleons, crocodiles, turtles and an enormous variant of the edible Indian crab - are numerous; butterflies and insects, the latter very troublesome, have not yet been systematically collected.