Sentence Examples with the word vampire

After parking the car, they marched to the office, Connor sandwiched between the vampire and the werewolf.

Then you should know the only way to destroy a vampire is with a wooden stake to the heart...unless of course, it is the full moon and you happen upon a werewolf.

The vampire slapped the grinning God on the back of the head and shoved him back into the fray.

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The vampire struggled to break free, a blur of flailing limbs.

Troublesome insects, vampire bats, and the failure to introduce new blood into the degenerated herds, are responsible for its decline.

The vampire landed in a heap at his feet, whimpering.

Dracula, the best vampire book ever written, had a strong influence on all modern vampire tales.

Owned by a vampire much larger than this one.

The scent of blood was subtle, detectable only by a vampire like him.

Jackson enjoyed the surge of power a vampire garnered from turning a human, but having to snack carefully on one person for days on end, always running the risk of killing them, took all the fun out of feeding for him.