Sentence Examples with the word vallee

In Spanish territory, during which it flows through the fine gorge called the Vallee d'Aran, the Garonne enters France in the de p artment of Haute Garonne through the narrow defile of the Pont du Roi, and at once becomes navigable for rafts.

Among the most celebrated spots are the Vallee de la Solle, the Gorge aux Loups, the Gorges de Franchard and d'Apremont, and the Fort l'Empereur.

Revoil, La Vallee de Darror (Paris, 1882) and Dix mois a la ate orientale, d'Afrique (Paris, 1888); A.

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The Vallee Noire, so it seemed to me, was part and parcel of myself, the framework in which my life was set, the native costume that I had always worn - what worlds away from the silks and satins that are suited for the public stage.

This little nook of Berri, this unknown Vallee Noire, this quiet and unpretentious landscape, which must be sought to find it and loved to be admired, was the sanctuary of my first and latest reveries.