Sentence Examples with the word valenciennes

On the side of Belgium the danger of irruption through neutral territory, which has for many years been foreseen, is provided against by the fortresses of Lille, Valenciennes and Maubeuge, but (with a view to tempting the Germans to attack through Luxemburg, as is stated by German authorities) the frontier between Maubeuge and Verdun is left practically undefended.

Corps cantoned between Valenciennes and Avesnes.

Several excellent accounts of the herring have been published, as by Valenciennes in the 10th vol.

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The French ichthyologist Valenciennes went a step farther, declaring it to be not only specifically but also generically distinct from all other Clupeoids.

The old fortifications, of which the Porte de Valenciennes (15th century) is the chief survival, have been demolished to make room for boulevards and public gardens.

When Conde and Valenciennes had been taken, the British went off to assail Dunkirk and the Prussians retired into Luxemburg.

After a dispensation had been obtained for the marriage of the cousins (they were both descendants of Philip III.) Philippa was married by proxy at Valenciennes in October 1327, and landed in England in December.

He died at Valenciennes on the 13th of February (according to the treasury accounts), or on the 10th of March (according to his epitaph) 1475.

He again led the vanguard in the emperor Henry's expedition against Burilas the Bulgarian, and he is represented by the Valenciennes scribe as encouraging his sovereign to the attack in a long speech.

Louis of Nassau, with a small force raised in France with the connivance of Charles IX., made a sudden dash into Hainault (May 1572) and captured Valenciennes and Mons.