Sentence Examples with the word valence

He left the regiment La Fere with regret on the 14th of June 1791; but at Valence he renewed former friendships and plunged into politics with greater ardour.

ALPHONSE MARIE MARCELLIN THOMAS BERENGER (1785-1866), known as Berenger de la Drome, French lawyer and politician, son of a deputy of the third estate of Dauphine to the Constituent Assembly, was born at Valence on the 31st of May 1785.

The beauty of these effigies led to their being imported into England; most are now destroyed, but a fine specimen still exists at Westminster on the tomb of William de Valence (1296).

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At Valence also he wrote an essay for a prize instituted by his friend and literary adviser, Raynal, at the academy of Lyons.

During republican agitation at Rome the French general Duphot was killed, a French army advanced on the city, and carried the aged pontiff a prisoner of war to Valence in Dauphine, where he died on the 29th of August 1799.

Bruce was warring in Galloway when, in May 1306, Aymer de Valence led an English force to Perth.

At Valence (August 29, 1799) deprived the French of whatever advantage they had hoped to gain by dragging him into exile; on the 24th of March 1800 the conclave, assembled for greater security on the island of San Giorgio at Venice, electec a new pontiff, Pius VII.

The pope, Pius VI., was forthwith haled away to Siena and a year later to Valence in the south of France, where he died.

To the south of Lyons, in the department of the Drome, are made in the district of Valence the celebrated Hermitage red and white Hermitage.

Bruce slipped into Ayrshire and defeated de Valence at Loudon Hill; so Edward, a dying man, began to move against him with his whole force.