Sentence Examples with the word vaccine

Louis Pasteur came along around this same time and proffered the germ theory of disease and a vaccine for rabies.

If then an additional quantity of vaccine be injected there occurs a fall in the opsonic index (negative phase) which, however, is followed later by a rise to a higher level than before.

The vaccine nanoparticles are painted with a protein that helps keep the white blood cells from attacking the pancreas without damaging the overall immune system.

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Researchers also discovered the vaccine was able to restore normal blood sugar levels without using insulin.

In 1935, a vaccine for yellow fever was created.

In 1921, a tuberculosis vaccine was developed in France.

If the amounts of vaccine used and the times of the injection are suitably chosen, there may thus be produced by a series of steps a rise of the opsonic index to a high level.

It is especially desirable for hospital and ambulance staffs to be inoculated with a vaccine prepared from sterilized cultures of plague bacillus.

The effect of the injection of a small quantity of vaccine is usually to produce an increase in the opsonic index within a few days.

Partly on account of his inability to share in the amusements of his fellows by reason of a deformity due to vaccine poisoning before he was five (the poison permanently arresting the growth and development of his legs), he was an eager student, and in 1814 he graduated at the College of South Carolina with the highest rank in his class and with a reputation throughout the state for scholarship and eloquence.