Sentence Examples with the word v-shaped

The Krajewski crusher has two such E steel rolls, with V-shaped corrugations extending longi tudinally across them.

In the case of cut velvet, the yuzen process is supplemented as follows: The cutter, who works at an ordinary wooden bench, has no tool except a small sharp chisel with a V-shaped point.

A method at one time largely adopted was to make a series of V-shaped incisions on four sides of the tree to a height of about 6 ft.

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If the section of the finished tube is to be a triangle, with the enamel and bore at the base, the molten mass is pressed into a V-shaped mould before it is pulled out.

One pole has a V-shaped notch for the rod to rest in; the surface of the other is slightly rounded, forming a portion of a cylinder, the axis of which is perpendicular to the direction of the length of the rod.