Sentence Examples with the word utilize

All she wants to do is utilize this present from the gods to the maximum benefit of mankind without interference and assault on her simple life.

I wracked my brains in an attempt to formulate some way we could safely utilize Howie's unique abilities and produce beneficial results without exposing ourselves to God knows what.

Dicuil's reading was wide; he quotes from, or refers to, thirty Greek and Latin writers, including the classical Homer, Hecataeus, Herodotus, Thucydides, Virgil, Pliny and King Juba, the sub-classical Solinus, the patristic St Isidore and Orosius, and his contemporary the Irish poet Sedulius;-in particular, he professes to utilize the alleged surveys of the Roman world executed by order of Julius Caesar, Augustus and Theodosius (whether Theodosius the Great or Theodosius II.

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It was not worth while to master and economize the resources of this earth, to utilize the good and ameliorate the evils of this life, while every one agreed, in theory at any rate, that the present was but a bad prelude to an infinitely worse or infinitely better future.

With so many people in their house, it was fortunate that the weather was warm and dry so they could utilize the courtyard for the children.

Weldon's later attempts at superseding his classical process by other inventions which utilize a larger proportion of the chlorine, introduced as hydrochloric acid, have not been successful in the long run, although some of them were aided by the great technical skill of A.

Up the Mohawk to Rome the old route is for the most part to be retained; but from Rome to Clyde there is to be a diversion so as to utilize Oneida Lake and Oneida and Seneca rivers.

While some moulds (Penicillium, Aspergillus) can utilize almost any organic food-materials, other fungi are more restricted in their choice - e.g.

If I can somehow utilize this gift I can't do it without all your help.

Through the insistence of Russia an armistice was agreed upon; and Lord Beaconsfieldfor Disraeli had now been raised to the peerageendeavoured to utilize the breathing space by organizing a conference of the great powers at Constantinople, which was attended on behalf of Great Britain by Lord Salisbury.