Sentence Examples with the word urgency

The urgency of foreign affairs, and subsequently internal strife at the council table, hindered Hastings from developing farther the system of civil administration, a task finally accomplished by Lord Cornwallis.

Her men turned back, newfound urgency in their movement as they pushed their horses into quick paces.

The central theme of his preaching was, according to the Synoptic Gospels, the nearness of the coming of the Messianic kingdom, and the consequent urgency for preparation by repentance.

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I'll risk a quick communication from here to see what the urgency is.

Eon and The first of these had assumed a new urgency since the Corn formation in.

It managed to calm the sense of urgency he always felt.

She clamped her mouth closed, watching him check Selyn's vitals with the urgency and diligence of a man whose life depended upon the results.

Meanwhile the general dissatisfaction was coming to a head, as we may infer from the urgency with which the imperial freedman Helius insisted upon Nero's return to Italy.

In the war of the Austrian Succession, which followed the accession of Maria Theresa to the Habsburg throne, Turkey, in spite of the urgency of France, would take no share, and she maintained the same attitude in the disorders in Persia following the death of Nadir Shah.

The proposed order of subjects was entirely altered in view of the Colenso case, for which urgency was claimed; and most of the time was spent in discussing it.