Sentence Examples with the word urge

She fought back the urge to run.

Darian resisted the urge to tell her he was no longer the lost man who asked her for cookies every day.

Torquemada went with the sovereigns to Cordova, to Madrid or wherever the states-general were held, to urge on the war; and he obtained from the Holy See the same spiritual favours that had been enjoyed by the Crusaders.

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Evelyn raised her head lazily, unable to quell the urge to seek out the source of the voice even knowing she wouldn't find it.

His voice was soft, and she fought the urge to reach out to him.

Bianca hugged him, and Dusty resisted the urge to pull her away and snap the vamp's neck.

Next day the siege begins, and after forty days the famished inhabitants urge the governor Ozias to surrender, which he consents to do unless relieved in five days.

But since you wish to hear my part, And urge me to begin it, I'll strive for praise with all my heart, Though small the hope to win it.

In 1327 the bishop joined Queen Isabella's partisans; he drew up the six articles against Edward II., and was one of those who visited the captive king at Kenilworth to urge him to abdicate in favour of his son.

For the first time since landing in the human world, he had the intense urge to track, hunt and bring down something capable of eluding him.