Sentence Examples with the word uptown

When the meal ended and the dishes were put to bed, the three withdrew to the parlor, now empty of guests who were either dining uptown or waiting in line to do so.

Fred came into the room, fresh from his uptown trip.

They're hiring uptown hoods these days, Dean thought to himself.

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He took an arm of each of the fashionable ladies and paraded one block uptown to Main Street, nodding to potential voters and ignoring the comments Fred muttered behind him that he looked like the crinkled cousin from Hicksville.

It was never clear if that was the case and the kid lucked out, but Dean used the excuse of mock consternation to excuse himself and walk uptown to telephone Cynthia.

Dean continued to hold Martha's hand as they walked uptown and found a place open on Seventh Avenue, a couple of blocks from Bird Song.

Even Maria had gone uptown for the parade and festivities, surely a thrill compared to the rural poverty of her homeland.