Sentence Examples with the word upset

These words were taken to mean that Italy would receive compensation to restore the balance of power upset in Austrias favor.

Yully Hughes stayed in her room, where her father told her to, not wanting to upset him.

Owing to the silladar system, under which the Indian sowar provided his own horse and provender in return for a monthly wage, the Indian cavalry were almost to a man in debt, and therefore favoured any attempt to upset the existing regime, and with it to wipe out the moneylender and his books; and the general enlistment order passed in July 1856, for the purposes of the war in Persia, made the Hindu sepoys afraid of losing caste by crossing the sea.

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If you let such minor things upset you, you'll have a stroke before you reach twenty-five.

According to the hypothesis of Waldeyer and Thiersch there is perfect equilibrium between the normal epithelium and its supporting structure, the connective tissue, but with advancing age this balance is upset owing to the connective tissue gradually losing its restraining power.

I would have thought a gender oriented decision would upset you, but you seem to be on his side.

She was too upset to remember much of what was said and she'd not spoken directly with Norfolk since that first call.

Temple had made with Sweden and Holland the Triple Alliance against the encroachments and aggrandizement of France, but this national policy was soon upset by the king's own secret plans.

Was a most liberal monarch, reigning with great mildness and justice to his end, but that his brother, from his despotic and harsh disposition, upset all the other had done, and lost the throne.

This is to upset the compromise of Aquinas and go back to a Christian platonism.