Sentence Examples with the word update

If you're looking for an update on what's happening at Bird Song, you're out of luck.

I'll update your address list virtually over the next few years.

Next I telephoned After to update them on Mr. Delabama's Canadian adventures.

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He knew Cynthia wanted to update him on her talk with Martha, but both realized time was short as they planned to take Martha to dinner for her last night under Bird Song's wing.

I promised Howie I wouldn't update you both until he arrived but I have to warn you, things are beginning to get tense.

Dean let him explain the details of his latest roulette system until Fred asked Dean for an update on the events of the day.

The message was dated July 3rd and was addressed to Joseph Dawkins, asking for an update on the title to the property in litigation.

She had not, but sounded in a much cheerier mood, giving Dean a five-minute update on her school progress.

Oundle School didn't want to incur costly update costs and so required a solution that enabled them to retain autonomy of their website.