Sentence Examples with the word upbringing

A conflict of interest and of bias led to contradictory action, and this conflict was increased in his case by his father's residence in England, his own upbringing at the English court, his family feud with Baliol and the Comyns, and the jealousy common to his class of Wallace, the mere knight, who had rallied the commons against the invader and taught the nobles what was required in a leader of the people.

Maybe that backward upbringing was the reason she wanted him to be the decision maker.

This was due, no doubt, to his revulsion from the sternness of his upbringing and the period of stress through which he passed in early manhood, but also to the sympathetic and emotional qualities which manifested themselves in his early manhood.

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She completed and decorated the temple of Deir el Bahri, embellishing its walls with scenes calculated to establish her claims, representing her divine origin and upbringing under the protection of Ammon, and her association on the throne by her human father.

His own upbringing did nothing but convince him that Oracles in general were never to be trusted.

She couldn't imagine an upbringing with no parents, a clan of brothers who hated him, and no ability to change his nature.