Sentence Examples with the word up the stairs

She turned and hurried up the stairs as Donnie stood by the table, torn between curiosity and following his mother.

He motioned for Taran to follow and led him up the stairs into Rissa's expansive chambers.

We traipsed up the stairs to the living room, a parade of zombies, each as stunned and speechless as the others.

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Randy hadn't checked but jogged up the stairs two at a time motioning for Dean to follow to his mother's bedroom.

Running up the stairs to the main floor, she wanted nothing more than to return to the safety of her room.

It took fifty minutes before the door burst open and Howie dashed out and up the stairs with Martha close on his heels.

Ms. Turnbull called, with child-like enthusiasm as Dean heaved her luggage up the stairs behind her.

As she crept up the stairs of the wine cellar to the kitchen, she couldn't help feeling troubled at leaving the man in the basement.

She went to her condo and walked up the stairs slowly.

She all but fled up the stairs to the kitchen, heading towards the iPad.