Sentence Examples with the word unwisely

The Whig leaders unwisely took up the challenge and impeached Sacheverell.

These councils and the executive officers dependent on them soon proved to be unable to manage even local affairs efficiently, while they were very lax in the collection of the national taxes unwisely entrusted to them.

Pericles himself led out a fleet against the seceders and, after winning a first engagement, unwisely divided his armament and allowed one squadron to be routed.

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The Free Staters were practically bound, under the offensive and defensive alliance, in case hostilities arose with Great Britain, either to denounce the policy to which they had so unwisely been secretly party, or to throw in their lot with the Transvaal.

Simon de Montfort and his friends were put in an awkward position by this decision, to which they had so unwisely committed themselves.

The feast of Ramazan hereupon occurring, the grand vizier unwisely allowed his own troops to disperse.