Sentence Examples with the word unwilling

Curious but unwilling to join the masses fawning over them, she kept her distance and simply watched.

When fortune changed he returned to his allegiance to Philip V., and as the government was unwilling to offend the Church he escaped banishment.

Moira was surprised to see her but led her quickly to her room, unwilling to spend much time questioning her.

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Popular tradition, as though unwilling to let David escape from Saul, told of that king's continual pursuit of the outlaw, of the attempt of the men of Ziph (S.E.

She huddled closer to Damian, unwilling to look at his face.

She clamped her mouth shut, unwilling to tell him the sight and scent of blood was already making her want to vomit.

After the murder the rebels were unwilling to return home until a new caliph had been chosen in the capital.

But the first operations of the war brought about the willing or unwilling adhesion of these border states to the Federal cause.

He was an excellent cross-examiner, whose candid friendliness of manner often succeeded in eliciting important testimony from unwilling witnesses.

In his Tripos examination, which through illness he was prevented from taking till 1837, he was placed as second wrangler, but being a Jew and unwilling to sign the Thirty-nine Articles, he could not compete for one of the Smith's prizes and was ineligible for a fellowship, nor could he even take a degree: this last, however, he obtained at Trinity College, Dublin, where religious restrictions were no longer in force.