Sentence Examples with the word unsuccessfully

From 1658 to 1660 it was unsuccessfully beleaguered by Charles Gustavus of Sweden; and in the following year it was rewarded by various privileges for its gallant defence.

The town was unsuccessfully besieged in 1625, during the Thirty Years' War, but was taken by the Swedes in 1632 and nearly destroyed by fire.

On the retirement of Pitt in 180r he resigned office, and after contesting Dover unsuccessfully he withdrew for a time into private life.

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The long siege of Hippo (May 430 to July 430, memorable for the last illness and death of St Augustine, which occurred during its progress, ended unsuccessfully for the Vandals.

BROOK FARM, the name applied to a tract of land in West Roxbury, Massachusetts, on which in 1841-1847 a communistic experiment was unsuccessfully tried.

In 1659 the massacre of several drunken Indians by the soldiers caused a general rising of the Indians, who unsuccessfully attacked the stockade, killing some of the soldiers and inhabitants, and capturing and torturing others.

In 1898 he unsuccessfully contested Gravesend in the Liberal interest, but was elected for Oldham in 1899, although he only held the seat for a year.

She endeavoured unsuccessfully to eke out her irregularly paid allowance by those expedients to which reduced gentlewomen are driven - fancywork and painting fans and snuff-boxes; she lived in a garret and was often unable to allow herself the luxury of a fire.

La Salle, thus placed in a position of inferiority, left the islands and appealed unsuccessfully for redress at the court of Castile.

Here he unsuccessfully applied for a situation as communal secretary of Verolengo, and eked out a penurious existence by journalism.