Sentence Examples with the word unsafe

Outside the two cities anarchy prevailed, and the pilgrimage was frequently unsafe owing to marauding Bedouins.

The few capital ships which happened to be there put to sea, and it was recognized that the base would be unsafe until anti-submarine defences were installed.

Centres of population in Menado are Amurang (3000), the seat of a Dutch controller, and a calling place for the steamers of the Indian Packet Company; Menado (io,000), the chief town of the residency, the principal station of the Dutch missionaries, with a fair amount of trade, but an unsafe roadstead; Tondano (12,000), near the lake and river of the same name, at an altitude of nearly 2000 ft., and one of the chief centres; Gorontalo, one of the most important towns of Celebes, carrying on direct trade with Singapore and Europe.

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The inhabitants of this region are wild and inhospitable and utterly beyond the control of the Turkish authorities, and navigation of the river between Korna and Suk-esh-Sheiukh is unsafe owing to the attacks of armed pirates.

It would be unsafe to infer much from the Eg.

Since Taylor's time the place has not been visited by any explorer, owing to the unsafe condition of the neighbourhood; but T.

The title of Ralph Nader's book was right: That car was Unsafe at Any Speed, at least with the master cylinder removed.

Turnips before lambing, if given in liberal quantities, are an unsafe food.

As Johnson thought it unsafe to pursue the routed army his victory had no other effect than the erection here of the useless defences of Fort William Henry, but as it was the only success in a year of gloom parliament rewarded him with a grant of X 5000 and the title of a baronet.

At the same time, to whatever cause this serious setback of Minoan civilization was owing, it would be very unsafe to infer as yet any large displacement of the original inhabitants by the invading swarms from the mainland or elsewhere.